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Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont

The impetus for Inside Yoknapatawpha originated with drawings in response to extensive readings of William Faulkner's novels. Quoting Faulkner in As I Lay Dying:

"That's the trouble with this country. Everything, weather, all hangs on too long. Like our rivers, our land; opaque, slow,...


Utatsuyama Temple
Kanazawa, Japan

Intrigued with the history and memory of places, I created a site-specific installation within the remains of a Buddhist temple in Kanazawa, Japan. The temple's hollow shell was filled with memories and abandoned purposes and gave rise to the creation of a series of hollow, translucent forms along...


Union City, New Jersey

Oracle (Anticipating Delphi) employs air ducting, plumbing and electrical fixtures in a gesture which playfully harnesses these forces of nature so inextricably linked to technology, information and, thereby, our futures. Elements of this piece are attached directly to dysfunctional sprinkler pipes and electrical...


Dimensions Variable; Site-Fixed
Cambridge Arts Council
Cambridge, MA

“You Can, It May Be, Lead Me To What I Seek….”* is a manifestation of long-term investigations into the physical and metaphorical significance of water in our lives. These investigations began with the discovery of W. B. Yeats’ play, "At the Hawk’s Well",...


The Genesis of RIVER FUGUES

Margaret Cogswell’s RIVER FUGUES began in 2003 through explorations of the Cuyahoga River and steel mills while in residence at SPACES Gallery’s World Artists’ Program in Cleveland, Ohio. In January 2012, Cogswell returned to SPACES for a residency celebrating the 10th...


Zhujiajiao River Poems is a solo exhibition comprised of a series of new video and works on paper created in 2014 during a two-month residency at Zendai Art Museum in the 1,700 year-old water town of Zhujiajiao, China. This exhibition also includes video and drawings from Ashokan Fugues, as well as, selected documentary videos of previous River...


MOVING THE WATER(S): ASHOKAN FUGUES 2016 explores the link between New York City’s unquenchable thirst and the Catskill mountain streams and its people over the past 100 years. This project is of particular significance locally because Woodstock is located in the Catskills near the Ashokan Reservoir which along with 6 other reservoirs,...


Moving the Water: Croton Fugues is installed in the street level windows along Fifth Avenue and East 40th Streets of the Mid-Manhattan Library. It is inspired by the location of the Mid-Manhattan library across the street from the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of New York City’s main public library built in 1911 on the site of the former...